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In the previous blog, we knew what yoga is and what is its history. But now we will know in this blog how many ways a yoga has, on which we can get more information about it. We all know what yoga is, but have we ever thought that there are many path on which we can know yoga?

Yoga is the means by which we keep our body, mind and brain connecting soul to God, but We all know there are various forms of yoga but have we ever thought about how many actual path of yoga are divided?

No, Because the youth has become so prevalent nowadays that if we see any kind of yoga today, then we understand that it is a type of yoga , but the yoga is derived from the Upanishads and from the Vedas. Be viewed accordingly , If seen with ancient mythology, the first four parts of Yoga are Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, janan Yoga. Raja yoga . How many path of Yoga we see, what we hear, all those types of Yoga have been derived from these 4 types of devotional activities –

  • Karma Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • janan Yoga
  • Raja yoga

Today, we will know how many path of yoga are there and which era has been taken under whom?

Karma yoga

Karma yoga is performed an action without any expectations of award in return.Karma means doing action.Performing any mental and physical activity is called karma. In short it’s path of way of yoga actions, path of yoga selfless service. It is path of action it deals with the law of cause and effect. Karma yoga can be practice anytime anywhere ,, where there are desire to be serve. It is not depend on action but depend on attitude.In the practice of “Yoga in daily life”, We can reduce and change the fruits of our actions and give meaningful direction to our destiny (future) through meaningful perception, wisdom and selfless service …There are two types of actions:

  1. Sakam Karma – Karma for Self Benefit
  2. Nishkaam Karma – Selfless Karma

Bhakti yoga

The path of devotion means keeping one’s interest in God. Means to develop internal, directly connect your conscience with your prayers to God like satsang bhajan etc. Bhakti hoga means establishing a separate relationship with God. Means to connect directly to God through the path of devotion. It is a feeling of liveliness in harmony with God.There can be no one definition of devotion because we can only feel the bhakti. With each breath we can be absorbed in devotion .In Shrimad Bhagwat, the path of devotion to liberation and introduction to truth has been told .Apart from this, it is described in the Narada Bhakti Sutra as Bhagavatam form There are different types of devotional yoga.

  1. Quiet sentiment,
  2. Vatsalya bhava,
  3. Tenuousness Sakha bhava,
  4. Melody and Kant Bhava.

Janan yoga

Jnana Yoga is the means to gain knowledge and information about oneself.Knowledge of the divine form through knowledge is the main aim of knowledge, knowledge of real truth.Knowledge means introduction. Jnana yoga is the path where reality is discovered through insight, practice and introduction.The four principles of Jnana Yoga are –

  1. Get over
  2. Renunciation,selfrenunciation,renunciation
  3. Six assets – six funds, assets
  4. .Mum Muktattva – Continuous efforts to attain God

Raja yoga

Raja means the emperor. The emperor acts self-subordinate, with self-confidence and assurance. Similarly, a Rajyogi is also autonomous, independent and fearless. Destroy this mindlessness and bring it under control in some way, how to merge its scattered powers and concentrate in the highest cause – this is the subject of Raja Yoga. The seeker who wants to achieve this samadhi state by restoring prana, pratyahar, dharna. Raja Yoga comes in the Ashtanga Yoga described by Maharishi Patanjali. Raj-yoga is the path of self-discipline and practice. Raja Yoga is also called ashtanga-yoga because it is organized into eight-yogas (stages). They are: –

  1. Self-control Discipline Physical exercises
  2. Pranayama-breathing exercises
  3. Detoxification of senses from withdrawal substances
  4. Perception
  5. concentration
  6. Focus on God
  7. Gravestone

The eight stages of Raja Yoga provide methodical instruction and education for inner peace, clarity, self-control and self-realization.

Choose your own path according to your personality

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